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Furnace repair & Maintenance

The #1 choice for Furnace Repair & Maintenance Company in Neptune, NJ

Don’t let your furnace heat ghost you this winter. Call Casper Friendly Services to revive your dying system with one call now!

Purchasing a heating system doesn’t guarantee you’ll have heat during the 26-degree lows of December and January. In fact, if you’ve had your furnace for a few years, there’s a good chance it’s your unit feeling the heat rather than you or your New Jersey home. When your system works harder against failing parts, leading to deterioration, expect comfortable air to ghost you when you need it most.

A furnace repair or maintenance in Neptune, NJ, from the #1 HVAC company, Casper Friendly Services, is always the right choice. One visit keeps airflow superior and all system parts functioning optimally. Regular semi-annual checks during the spring and fall allow our five-star team to uncover concerns and the appropriate course of action for unit longevity. 

furnace repair

Signs Indicating You Need Heater Servicing

Your first step to heater servicing is knowing what furnace functions are abnormal. While you may think you only have an issue when your unit stops producing warmth, malfunctions start long beforehand with more subtle faults. Rather than waking up one morning to the visibility of your breath and high repair or replacement bills, observe early signs of failure.

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Heater Repair Services We Can Walk You Through

Fortunately, not all heater repair services require a professional job. Below are some common furnace maintenance steps you can take to not only eradicate existing concerns but prevent larger ones. 

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When to Call a Quality Furnace Repair Company

You should call for furnace maintenance before and after each season of use, typically in the fall and spring. Contacting us is also the best option upon noticing concerns, big or small, especially if you’re unsure what to do. Alongside the above issues, some common problems include the following:

  • A yellow burner flame, cracked heat exchanger, and soot stains along the furnace indicate carbon monoxide leaks. The heat exchanger will need replacing for your family and unit safety.
  • A rotten egg or sulfur stench points to a gas leak from a faulty gas supply line or cracked heat exchanger, posing a safety risk. Evacuate your home immediately and call us to remedy the situation.
  • If your furnace is not blowing air, your blower motor is the primary culprit, refusing to redirect air from the combustion chamber. Your high limit switch, pilot light, gas valve, or burners may also cause your furnace to blow cold air, needing a professional touch. 
Furnace Repair
Furnace Repair
Heater repair

Heater Repair Near Me

Our furnace repair company prides itself on integrity. Rather than upsell, we educate our customers similarly to how we train our employees, emphasizing energy efficiency rather than pricey services. If you’re looking for heater repair near me, you need our five-star team with specialized tools, top manufacturing brand partnerships, and years of know-how. 

With 24/7 assistance, you don’t have to worry about Casper Friendly Services ghosting you when you need them the most. We value honesty, trust, and respect within our family-friendly environment in Neptune, NJ. For boiler, heat pump, and furnace repairs, replacements, or heating maintenance near me, call our furnace repair company at 732-759-4568 to schedule services today!


FAQ's Regarding Heating Repair

Over the years, our team has serviced furnaces, heat pumps, and other heating systems of all brands and ages. Since we’ve seen it all, we have FAQs regarding heating repair below. 

Unfortunately, a heater maintenance check may show a heater repair isn’t enough for long-term results. If your system is 15 years or older, continues to show negative signs despite constant repairs, or raises your electric bills without reason, it’s probably reached the end of its lifespan. We’ll help you determine the best unit replacement according to your preferences and home layout.

Cleaning your air ducts and vents and replacing your filters every three months reduces buildups that wear your unit prematurely. However, other heater preventative maintenance steps may just include something as simple as keeping an eye out for water leaks, signs of dry parts that need lubrication, and other faults. Calling for a furnace repair is the best preventative step you can take.