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AC Coil Cleaning

AC Coil Cleaning in Neptune, NJ
AC Coil Cleaning

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Coil cleaning effectively maintains your air conditioner and prevents major problems. Call (732) 838-9062 to book a cleaning service! 

Make AC coil cleaning in Neptune, NJ, a part of your spring to-dos, and schedule a service with our technicians at Casper Friendly Services. As Neptune’s trusted air conditioning installation company, we’ll handle the rest. 

What Are AC Coils?

When HVAC technicians refer to air conditioner coils, they typically mean either the condenser coils or the evaporator coils. The condenser coil assists with heat exchange by housing refrigerant and discharging warm air. Once the refrigerant has cooled down, it moves into the evaporator coil to absorb more heat. 

The outdoor unit houses both coils. Due to their location, the coils are prone to gathering dust, debris, and other detritus. They become caked in organic matter that inhibits their ability to do their job.

Clean coils are integral to a fully functioning air conditioner. Dirty coils can cause your indoor air to run warmer than you’d like. They can also drive your energy bills up significantly, impacting your budget.  

How AC Coil Cleaning in Neptune, NJ, Helps

Our AC coil cleaning in Neptune, NJ, improves your air conditioner’s efficiency and increases its lifespan. While many homeowners never give their coils a second thought, they could reap countless benefits from an annual cleaning service.

How can such a seemingly simple service have such a tremendous impact on your AC unit’s performance?

  • Technicians can anticipate future coil issues and advise you on solutions and repair timelines. 
  • Coil cleaning could remedy the unpleasant odor your unit emits. 
  • Your energy bills may decrease. 
  • You might enjoy more refreshingly crisp air. 
  • The air conditioning unit can reach your preferred temperature more quickly. 

Numerous issues associated with AC coils go unnoticed until they become a big problem. Refrigerant leaks, coil buildup, drain clogs, and frozen condensation can cause expensive, long-term issues. But our simple cleaning process prevents them. 

This affordable service, performed by our trusted pros, protects your comfort, your home, and your HVAC system. It’s a small investment that produces big results when you want to beat the intense summer heat. 

Common Questions About Coil Cleaning

Do you want to learn more? We’re ready to answer some of the most common questions our clients have.

How often should I have my condenser coils cleaned?

You should have your condenser coils cleaned every year. Yearly cleanings keep your unit performing satisfactorily. 

Why do evaporator coils stop working?

Evaporator coils stop working because of inadequate air flow, blocked lines, or corroded collection pans. These coils’ exposure to outdoor elements and dirt makes them more vulnerable to debris buildup. 

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