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Ten Questions To Ask HVAC Technicians

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questions to ask hvac technician

Every New Jersey property owner wants an experienced HVAC technician who can handle all their heating and cooling needs quickly and without issue. However, finding a reliable and qualified technician is easier said than done. That’s why it’s important to quiz local HVAC specialists to ensure they are cut out for the job.

Casper Friendly Services, a reliable HVAC company in Jackson, NJ, has put together a few questions to ask HVAC technicians before committing to their services. They provide New Jersey’s residential and commercial HVAC service, taking a customer-first approach.

Four Questions To Ask a Professional HVAC Technician

It’s no secret that some HVAC technicians provide better services than others. That’s why it’s important to understand your prospective technician’s qualifications before hiring them to repair, replace, or maintain your home’s heating and cooling system. 

Why not interview your HVAC specialist beforehand? It is a great way to assess their experience, skill set, and more. That way, you can find the perfect technician for every HVAC project.

Below are a few essential questions to ask HVAC technicians before scheduling an appointment to secure their services.

#1 How Much Experience Do You Have?

Experienced HVAC technicians have a broad skill set and typically provide better services. They understand how to approach each situation and which tools and techniques work best for the job. Hiring an HVAC technician with extensive industry experience also ensures you receive quality service from someone who knows all the ins and outs of your heating and cooling system. 

When meeting with a technician, ask them about their experience and how many years they have in the industry. You can also ask them if they have experience working on your particular HVAC type or model. Selecting a seasoned heating and cooling specialist will give you peace of mind and ensure a top-quality repair or replacement process.

#2 Are You Licensed?

New Jersey requires every professional technician to have a license to repair, replace, and maintain HVAC units. Licensed technicians undergo stringent and extensive training that prepares them for complicated heating and cooling projects. However, unlicensed technicians don’t receive professional training and aren’t qualified for most major HVAC tasks.

Always ask your technician if they have a license before hiring them to work on your HVAC unit. If they say they have a license but refuse to show you their qualifications, continue your search until you find a reliable licensed technician.

#3 Are You Insured?

Insurance protects homeowners from legal repercussions if something goes wrong during HVAC servicing. Some insurance plans protect your property by covering the cost if the technicians damage your unit or home. That’s why it’s important to hire an insured technician just in case an issue arises. 

Hiring an uninsured heating and cooling specialist could leave you liable for accidents and injuries while removing your property damage “safety net.” When interviewing HVAC technicians, also ask if they have at least the following insurance plans:

  • Liability insurance
  • Worker’s compensation

Some technicians will have more insurance plans, so always inquire about their coverage before trusting them with your HVAC installation or replacement.

#4 Are You NATE-Certified?

Many technicians receive further education and enroll in rigorous HVAC programs that give them a leg up against the competition. The North American Technical Excellence certification is one of these best additional credentials an HVAC technician can have in Jackson, New Jersey. 

NATE certification requires professionals to pass a thorough exam bi-yearly to guarantee they are up-to-date with the latest HVAC models and industry technology. The exam covers various services and equipment, ensuring they can handle any complex HVAC project without issue. It’s best to hire NATE-certified technicians to guarantee first-class services from knowledgeable and seasoned professionals.

Six Questions To Ask a Technician About Their Services or HVAC Knowledge

Although asking your technician about their qualifications will help you find a qualified HVAC specialist, it’s not the only thing to inquire about before entrusting them with your heating and cooling system. You’ll also want to ask a few questions about their services and HVAC knowledge. 

Below are some additional questions to ask HVAC technicians in your area:

#5 What Size HVAC Does My Home Need?

Every Jackson home needs a correctly sized HVAC unit to ensure optimal operations. Installing an undersized system will cause it to run constantly, skyrocketing your monthly energy payment while making it more susceptible to breaking down. Conversely, an oversized HVAC will short cycle and won’t evenly distribute air throughout your home, resulting in subpar heating and cooling.

Before purchasing a new HVAC, ask a technician what size best suits your home. A professional understands how to calculate sizes for both residential and commercial properties, ensuring you install a top-notch HVAC that provides superior heating and cooling year-round. 

#6 How Can I Enhance My Home’s Indoor Air Quality?

Having clean indoor air helps your family stay healthy while reducing vexing allergy symptoms. Most professional HVAC services offer indoor air quality solutions that enhance your home’s air by filtering out airborne pollutants like dust and debris. A qualified technician will explain the various air quality devices and services they offer to keep your property’s indoor air in immaculate condition year-round.

Your technician might recommend one or more of the following indoor air quality solutions:

  • Use an HVAC filter with a higher MERV rating (usually between 8 and 12)
  • Reseal your air ducts
  • Install a dehumidifier or humidifier (depending on your home’s moisture level)
  • Install air purifiers

An experienced HVAC specialist will evaluate your property and determine which air quality solution works best for your home or business.

#7 Do You Offer Payment Plans?

Many HVAC companies offer payment plans that help homeowners pay for their services when they are on a budget. Some allow customers to pay in increments over time, relieving some of the financial burden. It’s best to ask your HVAC technician if they offer payment plans that might make things easier for your budget. 

However, it’s important to note that payment plans vary from company to company. Not every HVAC service offers payment plans, but it never hurts to ask.

#8 How Can I Determine an HVAC System’s Efficiency?

Every HVAC unit has an efficiency rating called a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating rating. Systems with good SEER ratings provide exceptional heating and cooling while utilizing less energy. To put it simply, the higher the SEER rating, the more efficient the system. 

Your HVAC technician should thoroughly explain SEER ratings and the best rating for your Jackson, New Jersey, property. They will help you find a top-notch system that will match your needs, home size, and more.

#9 What’s the Best Indoor Temperature During Summer and Winter?

While everyone has different indoor temperature preferences, setting your home’s thermostat to specific settings during summer and winter can help you save money without negatively impacting your comfort. A reliable HVAC specialist understands the best temperatures for each season and will help your interior stay pleasant without skyrocketing your monthly energy payments. That said, most professionals recommend the following indoor climates:

  • Summer: 78 degrees
  • Winter: 68 degrees 

Again, these set temperatures will vary from region to region and person to person, so always ask your technician for recommendations. 

#10 How Can I Save Money On My Energy Payments?

Your heating and cooling system is one of the most prevalent factors affecting your monthly energy bills. However, keeping your electric payments affordable without sacrificing your home’s indoor comfort isn’t always easy. Fortunately, the experienced HVAC technicians from Casper Friendly Services can share several ways to reduce your energy payments while keeping your home comfortable throughout the year.

Your HVAC specialists should provide the following recommendations to help you diminish your energy bills:

  • Seal gaps around your windows, doors, and air ducts.
  • Keep your blinds and curtains open during winter to naturally heat your home.
  • Avoid using heat-producing appliances like ovens during summer.
  • Let experts service your HVAC professionally twice a year.

Having a knowledgeable and experienced HVAC technician in Jackson, New Jersey, is crucial to ensure your heating and cooling system stays in tip-top shape throughout the year. At Casper Friendly Services, our team consists of some of the best HVAC specialists in the greater Jackson area, all of whom could breathe new life into your unit while providing unmatched customer service. No matter your heating and cooling needs, Casper Friendly Services can do the job you need to restore your HVAC’s performance, efficiency, and reliability.

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